VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
- 4. Running gear
   + Wheels and tires
   + Forward suspension bracket
   - Back suspension bracket
      Removal and installation of the back sensor of level of a body of G76/G77
      Suspension bracket of back wheels
      Removal and installation of an amortization rack
      Wheel support
      Removal of a nave of a wheel with the bearing
   + Tables
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Running gear>> Back suspension bracket>> Removal and installation of an amortization rack

Fig. 4.87 . Bolts of fastening are resistant

Turn off an amortization rack (fig. 4.87) .

Disconnected stabilizers before the beginning of works it is necessary include. Otherwise inadvertent turning on of stabilizers can lead to a trauma.

Fig. 4.88 . Installation of wooden whetstone

Insert wooden whetstone between the bottom of A and the top back lever B (fig. 4.88) .
It is necessary in order that wring out down the case of the bearing of a nave.

Fig. 4.89 . Bottom bolt of fastening of a rack

Turn off a bolt nut (fig. 4.89) .
After that wring out the bearing case by means of wooden whetstone down so that it was possible take a bolt.
Take an amortization rack.

Installation is carried out in return sequence.

Inhaling moments
Fastening of an amortization rack to a body – 60 N · m     
Amortization rack to the bearing case (Use a new bolt and a nut) – 90 N · m + 90 °