VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
+ 2. Engine
- 3. Transmission
   - 6-step automatic transmission 09D
      Check of level and having added ATF oils
      Check of level of ATF
   + hydrotransformer Check
   + Mechanical transmission 08D and transfer case Е473
   + Driveshaft
   + Driving mechanism
   + Tables
+ 4. Running gear
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

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Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Transmission>> 6-step automatic transmission 09D>> Check of level of ATF
Check conditions
The transmission should work not in emergency operation, ATF temperature no more than 30 °C.
The car should be in horizontal situation.
The selector is established in the situation "P", the engine works at idling turns.
All electric consumers and climatic installation should be switched off.

Fix a tank with system oil for the gulf ATF V.A.G 1924 on the car.
Connect VAS 5051 and to switch before display «A function / component choice».
Then will choose «the Drive (Ram. – гр. 01; 10–26; 28–39)».
Then «Automatic transmission 09D».
Press "Functions".
Press «Check of level of ATF».
Get the engine.
Press a brake pedal.
R on 2 св each situation. Then switch the selector in the situation "P".
Lift the car.
Put the pallet under a transmission.

Check at temperature of 35 °C

Fig. 3.1 . Carving stopper

Remove a carving stopper for control of level of ATF in the oil pallet (fig. 3.1) .
ATF level too low if after untwisting of a stopper only low flow of ATF follows.
If through about 30 SATF does not flow down any more, add ATF.
Add ATF by means of the device for ATF V.A.G 1924 filling while oil will not begin to flow from a control opening.
Give the chance to flow down ATF until it will not start to drip only.
Establish a stopper of a control opening of ATF with a new epiploon and tighten the moment of 70 N · m. On it check of level of ATF is finished.
ATF level too high if after untwisting of a carving stopper of ATF flows down.
Give the chance to flow down ATF until it will not start to drip only.
Establish a stopper of a control opening of ATF with a new epiploon and tighten the moment of 70 N · m. On it check of level of ATF is finished.
Switch off the engine.
ATF level in norm if after untwisting of a carving stopper the low flow of ATF follows, then at growth of temperature of ATF drops flow down only.
Establish a stopper of a control opening of ATF with a new epiploon and tighten the moment of 70 N · m. On it check of level of ATF is finished.

If at a transmission the cover was turned off or from a transmission oil was merged, do not get the engine and do not tow the car.
Places of connections and their adjacent surfaces thoroughly clear, then untwist these connections.
At installation of a transmission watch the correct landing of centering plugs between the engine and a transmission.
The removed details put on a pure surface and cover, having protected thereby from pollution. For this purpose use a film and paper. Do not use the rags leaving fibers.
If repair is not executed immediately, accurately cover details or close them.
Establish only pure details. Spare parts take from packing only directly ahead of installation.
It is forbidden to get the engine and to tow the car if at a transmission the oil pallet is removed or in a case there is no ATF oil.
At the removed transmission fix the hydrotransformer in order to avoid its falling.
Before installation of a transmission check the assembly size of the hydrotransformer.
After installation check ATF oil level.

Laying, sealing rings
Always replace sealing rings of round section, sealing rings and consolidations.
After removal of consolidations check surfaces of a prileganiye of cases/shaft about existence of damages and agnails, if necessary eliminate.

Fig. 3.2 . Working edge of a sealing ring

Before installation of manzhetny consolidation, grease external perimeter and a working edge of consolidation with a thin butter layer of ATF depending on an installation site (fig. 3.2) .
In a contour of ATF liquid use only ATF liquid. Other lubricants will cause damages of a hydraulic control system of a box.
Sealing rings establish the open party to oil.
After installation check ATF oil level.


At the treatment of oil show care.
Do not add an additive in oil. Do not mix different types of oils.
It is forbidden to reuse the merged oil.
Oil can be found in sale. Besides in it is possible to find number according to the catalog of spare parts.

Bolts and nuts
To turn off / tighten bolts or nuts of fastening of covers and cases the cross - on - a cross» follows «.
The moments of an inhaling are given for ungreased bolts / screws and nuts.
Carving of the bolts which have been earlier greased with a carving varnish, clear a wire brush. Then establish bolts with use of a carving varnish of AMV 185 101 A1.
All carving openings in which are twisted самоконтрящиеся bolts / screws, should be cleared by a tap of the remains of a carving varnish. Otherwise at the following dismantle their carving can be broken.
Самоконтрящиеся bolts and nuts replace always.

Transmission marking
The automatic transmission 09D is established to Allrad on the Touareg model.

Fig. 3.3 . Identification plate of AKP: 1–alphabetic reference; 2–automatic transmission 09D

Alphabetic references of a transmission are on the firm plate below on the left side of a transmission (fig. 3.3) .
Alphabetic references of KP are present also on factory plates with car data.