VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
- 2. Engine
   + Preliminary checks on the car
   + Mechanical part (petrol engines 3,2L)
   + Mechanical part (petrol engines 4,2L)
   + Mechanical part (diesel engines 5,0L)
   + Removal and stretcher installation
   + pressurization System (diesel engines)
   + cooling System (petrol engines)
   + cooling System (diesel engines)
   - Greasing system (petrol engines)
      Removal and installation of elements of system of greasing
      Removal and installation of an oil nozzle
      Removal and installation of the return valve of a drain of oil
      Dismantling and assembly of the oil pump
      Removal and installation of the oil pallet
      Check of the sensor of pressure of oil
      Check of pressure of oil
   + greasing System (diesel engines)
   + injection System (petrol engines)
   + injection System (diesel engines)
   + System of production of the fulfilled gases
   + System топливоподачи (beninovy engines)
   + Tables
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

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Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Engine>> Greasing system (petrol engines)>> Removal and installation of elements of system of greasing
For carrying out installation works the engine is necessary for fixing on a clamp for the engine and VAS 6095 transmission.
Level of oil should not exceed mark Мax – danger of damage of the catalyst.

If at repair in the engine a large amount of metal shaving or wear tracks is found, it can be a consequence of damage of the bearing of the crankshaft and a rod. to avoid the subsequent damages, after repair it is necessary to execute the following.
Carefully clear lubricant channels.
Replace the return valve of a drain of oil.
Replace nozzles of injection of oil.
Replace an oil cooler.
Replace the oil filter.
Amount of filled-in oil: with the oil filter of 6,3 l.
Specification of engine oil: use LongLife engine oils on norm of VW 503 00.

At plant in the engine engine oil on norm of VW 503 00 is filled in.

Engine oils on norms of VW 500 00 and 501 01 and 502 00 it is authorized use and further. It is necessary to replace these oils each 12 months or 15 000 km of run.
For replacement or долива it is possible use engine oil „ILSAC GF3 with a class of viscosity of SAE5W-40«. It is necessary to program the indicator of interservice run as appropriate.