VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
- 7. Onboard electric equipment
   - General information
      Types of storage batteries
      Check of the storage battery
      Having added the distilled water
      Check of density of electrolit
      Check of tension of idling of joint stock bank
      Shutdown and joint stock bank connection, cars with one storage battery
      Shutdown and joint stock bank connection (cars with two storage batteries)
      Removal and installation of the joint stock bank, being under a driver's seat
      Removal and installation of the relay of shutdown of the storage battery
   + Generator and starter
   + Combination of devices
   + Forward screen wiper
   + Headlights
   + Tables
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Onboard electric equipment>> General information>> Check of density of electrolit
Check electrolit level in joint stock bank.
Switch off ignition and all electric consumers.
At existence – remove a protective film from jams a banok.
Turn out jams a banok.

Fig. 7.3 . Standard areometer

By means of "pear" of the areometer remove so much electrolit from banks that the float (fig. 7.3) emerged .
The density of electrolit is determined by depth of immersion of the areometer in electrolit. It is possible to determine value of density by an areometer scale.

Check of density of electrolit right after долива the distilled water leads to incorrect indications of measurement. Check electrolit density only after a joint stock bank charge.
Check jams and sealing rings of round section on existence of damages. Replace the damaged parts.
Close banks jams.