VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
- 2. Engine
   + Preliminary checks on the car
   + Mechanical part (petrol engines 3,2L)
   + Mechanical part (petrol engines 4,2L)
   + Mechanical part (diesel engines 5,0L)
   + Removal and stretcher installation
   + pressurization System (diesel engines)
   + cooling System (petrol engines)
   + cooling System (diesel engines)
   + greasing System (petrol engines)
   - Greasing system (diesel engines)
      Check of level of engine oil
      Hermetic drawing
      Untwisting and fastening of a cover of the oil filter
      Check of pressure of oil and sensor of pressure of oil
      Check of pressure of oil on the forward party of the engine
   + injection System (petrol engines)
   + injection System (diesel engines)
   + System of production of the fulfilled gases
   + System топливоподачи (beninovy engines)
   + Tables
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Engine>> Greasing system (diesel engines)>> Untwisting and fastening of a cover of the oil filter

Fig. 2.266 . Components of the oil filter: 1–cover of the case of the oil filter, 25 N · m; 2–oil filter; 3–cover; 4–top part of the case; 5–bolt of 8 N · m; 6–bolt of 10 N · m; 7–consolidation; 8–jellied mouth; 9–oil cooler; 10-lower part of the case

Works order

Fig. 2.267 . A key for untwisting and fastening of the oil filter

Turn off and twist by means of a key for the oil T10192 filter (fig. 2.267) .
Moment of an inhaling of 25 N · m.