VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
- 4. Running gear
   + Wheels and tires
   - Forward suspension bracket
      Stretcher, stabilizer, bottom lever of a suspension bracket
      Removal and stretcher installation
      The disconnected stabilizer
      Pumping of the disconnected stabilizer
      Suspension bracket of forward wheels
      Removal and installation of an amortization rack
      Removal and installation of the sensor of level of a body of G78/G289 on cars with amortization racks
      Wheel support
      Removal of a screw spring
      Installation of a screw spring
   + Back suspension bracket
   + Tables
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Running gear>> Forward suspension bracket>> The disconnected stabilizer

Fig. 4.59 . Components of the disconnected stabilizer: 1–the forward disconnected stabilizer; 2–stabilizer bearing; 3–hydraulic pipeline; 4–sensor of shutdown of the stabilizer of a forward suspension bracket; 5–holder; 6–hydraulic pipeline; 7–the screw with an internal shestigrannik; 8–sealing ring; 9–holder; 10-a nipple for pumping; 11-cap; 12-collar

The assembly provision of a collar for fastening of hydraulic pipelines to the disconnected stabilizer
The lock of a collar 1 should be over the holder 2. Therefore, the inhaling of a collar is carried out from below.

Fig. 4.60 . The assembly provision of a collar for fastening of hydraulic pipelines to the disconnected stabilizer

The collar should adjoin directly to the holder 2 (fig. 4.60) .

Removal of the disconnected stabilizer
Include hydraulic system in a beznaporny mode.

Disconnected stabilizers before the beginning of works are necessary for including. Otherwise inadvertent turning on of stabilizers can lead to a trauma.

Remove the bottom shumoizolyatsionny screen.

Fig. 4.54 . Hydraulic pipelines

Disconnect both hydraulic pipelines 1 and electric connection 2 (fig. 4.54) .
At installation not to confuse pipelines.
Check, whether there is a label on forward «in the movement direction» the pipeline. If it is not present, put the new.
Turning off pipelines, hold them a rozhkovy wrench.

Fig. 4.61 . Place of drawing of a label

Remove collars of the stabilizer and mark on them assembly position of bearings of the stabilizer (fig. 4.61) .
Disconnect the stabilizer from connecting drafts.
Installation of the disconnected stabilizer.
Installation is carried out in return sequence.

Fig. 4.62 . Bearing connection

Establish bearing half on the stabilizer (fig. 4.62) .
Thus to pay attention to the following.
The labels put on the stabilizer at removal.
bigger external diameter of half of the bearing should be directed outside.
After installation the hydraulic system is necessary for pumping over.

Inhaling moments

At an inhaling hold for a shestigrannik of a cap nut.
Establish the forward shumoizolyatsionny screen.

Check of level and dolivka of oil of hydraulic system of disconnected stabilizers
Include hydraulic system with the help in a beznaporny mode.
Remove a back left lamp.

Fig. 4.63 . Stopper of a jellied opening

Take a stopper from a jellied opening (fig. 4.63) .

Fig. 4.64 . Spray tip

Cut off a spray tip (fig. 4.64) .
Note the size X.
X = 135 mm.

Fig. 4.65 . Tube installation

Enter a spray tube to the put label into a jellied opening (fig. 4.65) .
Fill in oil for the central hydraulic system and the G 002 000 power steering until the tube will not start to suck in oil by means of a plastic bottle.
After that pump out by means of a plastic bottle oil from a tank until the tube will not start to suck in air. Thus watch a label put on a tube.