VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
- 5. Steering mechanism
   - Repair of the steering mechanism
      Removal and installation of a steering column
      Removal and installation of a sealing cuff
      Removal and installation of a drive of the amplifier of a steering
      Removal and installation of steering draft
      Krylchaty pump, 5-цил. diesel engine
      Removal and installation of the krylchaty pump, 5-цил. diesel engine
      Removal and installation of the krylchaty pump, 6-цил. diesel engine
      Removal and installation of the krylchaty pump (6-цил. petrol engine)
      Pumping of system of a steering and check on tightness
      Check of system of a steering on tightness
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Steering mechanism>> Repair of the steering mechanism>> Krylchaty pump, 5-цил. diesel engine
Repair work for the krylchaty pump is not provided. At malfunction, its reason is defined by a way of hydraulic test and test for tightness. At malfunction the krylchaty pump is subject to replacement.

In the absence of liquid in a tank it is necessary to check all system of a steering on tightness.
At a leak in a zone of connections of pipelines first of all check on tightness pipelines and their connections, if necessary tighten and вытерете dry.
Pumps delivered to plants the producer are not filled with oil. Therefore before installation surely fill the pump with oil for hydraulic systems G 002 000 and turn by hand, noise at movement or pump damages differently are possible.

Check of a pressure of the krylchaty pump, 5-цил. diesel engine
Remove the shumoizolyatsionny screen of the engine

Fig. 5.17 . The adaptation for a hose perezhatiya

Press soaking-up hose 1 by means of a clip for hoses 3094 (fig. 5.17) .
Turn off the pressure head pipeline from the pump 2.

Fig. 5.18 . Scheme of installation of adapters: 1–the control device for a steering with the V.A.G 1402 hydraulic booster; 2–V.A.G 1402/2 adapter; 3–V.A.G 1402/4 adapter; 4–a hose from a set of V.A.G 1402/6 adapters; 5–hollow bolt; 6–sealing ring

Establish adapters, as is shown in drawing 5.18 .
Remove a clip for hoses 3094 from the soaking-up pipeline

Fig. 5.19 . Position of the lever

Watch that the lever on a manometer was in situation 2 (fig. 5.19) .
Start the engine and if necessary to add in a tank oil for hydraulic systems.
Turn a steering wheel from an emphasis against the stop about 10 times.
After that check a pump pressure.
For carrying out check it is necessary that the system was tight
Hoses and pipelines should not have excesses and should not be clamped.

Fig. 5.20 . Situation "is closed"

At single turns of the engine to close the locking valve no more, than on 5 with (position 1) and to consider pressure (fig. 5.20) .
Nominal pressure: 110–120 bar.
If value less nominal, replace the krylchaty pump.
Remove a manometer and adapters.
Pump over steering system.
Check level of oil of hydraulic system and if necessary add.
Check steering system on tightness.