VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
- 5. Steering mechanism
   - Repair of the steering mechanism
      Removal and installation of a steering column
      Removal and installation of a sealing cuff
      Removal and installation of a drive of the amplifier of a steering
      Removal and installation of steering draft
      Krylchaty pump, 5-цил. diesel engine
      Removal and installation of the krylchaty pump, 5-цил. diesel engine
      Removal and installation of the krylchaty pump, 6-цил. diesel engine
      Removal and installation of the krylchaty pump (6-цил. petrol engine)
      Pumping of system of a steering and check on tightness
      Check of system of a steering on tightness
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Steering mechanism>> Repair of the steering mechanism>> Removal and installation of the krylchaty pump (6-цил. petrol engine)

Fig. 5.35 . Components of the krylchaty pump: 1–hollow bolt, 40 N · m; 2–sealing rings, 16 x 22; 3–pressure head hose; 4–a soaking-up hose; 5–spring collar; 6–krylchaty pump; 7–adjusting washer; 8–remenny pulley; 9–the screw with an internal shestigrannik, 25 N · m; 10-six-sided bolt, 25 N · m; 11-holder

Repair work for the krylchaty pump is not provided. At malfunction its reason is defined by a way of hydraulic test and test for tightness. At malfunction the krylchaty pump is subject to replacement.

In the absence of liquid in a tank follows check on tightness all system of a steering.
At a leak in a zone of connections of pipelines first of all to check on tightness pipelines and their connections, if necessary to tighten and wipe dry.
Pumps from a warehouse of spare parts are not filled with oil. Therefore before installation surely fill with oil for hydraulic systems G 002 000 and turn by hand, noise at movement or pump damages differently are possible.

Replace sealing rings.
The merged oil any more do not use.

Remove the shumoizolyatsionny screen of the engine.
Mark the direction of a course of a poliklinovy belt.
Twist bolt М8х50 in a carving opening of a tension roller so to weaken poliklinovy a belt.
Turn off a pulley of the krylchaty pump.

Fig. 5.36 . A contour of a poliklinovy belt (атомобили with 6 cylinder petrol engine)

Remove poliklinovy a belt (fig. 5.36) .

At removal of a pulley pay attention to the adjusting washer which was under it. It is important for measurement and adjustment of the krylchaty pump.
Adjusting washer from a wheel of the krylchaty pump yet do not remove.

Fig. 5.37 . Clip installation

Clamp soaking-up hose by means of a clip for hoses 3094 (fig. 5.37) .
Unscrew a hollow bolt.
To close the pressure head pipeline polyethylene or etc.
Open a spring collar and remove soaking-up hose from the krylchaty pump.
Turn off and remove the krylchaty pump.

Fig. 5.38 . Distance measurement

Measure a distance (fig. 5.38) .
At measurement the thickness of an adjusting washer is considered.
To write down the measured value.

Installation is carried out in return sequence, thus it is necessary to consider the following.
Measure the size an on the new krylchaty pump without an adjusting washer (fig. 5.39).
Write down the measured value.
Define thickness of an adjusting washer
Fill the krylchaty pump with oil for hydrosystems. Oil fill in through soaking-up branch pipe of the krylchaty pump.
Turn a nave by hand until oil does not leave on the pressure head party.
Establish the krylchaty pump.
Pump over steering system.
Check level of working liquid in hydraulic system.
Check steering system on tightness.

Determination of thickness of an adjusting washer
By the measured values define thickness of an adjusting washer.
Result of measurement of the old krylchaty pump with an adjusting washer – 33,65 mm
Result of measurement of the new krylchaty pump without an adjusting washer – 32,85 mm.
Thickness of an adjusting washer: 33,65–32,85=0,80 mm.
There are following adjusting washers:
Thickness (mm): 0,6; 0,8; 1,0; 1,2; 1,4.
Establish the krylchaty pump.

Inhaling moments
The Krylchaty pump to fastening – 25 N · m.
Pulley to the krylchaty pump – 25 N · m.
Hollow bolt to the krylchaty pump – 40 N · m.