VW Touareg repair

+ 1. Operation and car maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
+ 5. Steering mechanism
- 6. Brake system
   - General information
      Plate example with car data
      Forward brakes
      Back brakes
      Check of brake system
      Pumping of brake system
      Pumping (main)
      Additional pumping
      Sequence of pumping
      Removal and installation of a potentiometer of a course of a membrane of the amplifier of brakes of G420
      Removal and installation of the vacuum pump of brakes of V192
      Removal and installation of the sensor of pressure of the amplifier of brakes of G294
      Removal and installation of the main brake cylinder
      Removal and installation of the amplifier of brakes
      Repair of brake pipelines
      Repair of brakes of forward wheels, brake support of Brembo 17’’ (1LC)
      Removal and installation of brake shoes
      Repair of brakes of back wheels, brake support of FN 44
      Removal and installation of brake shoes
      Adjustment of the parking brake
      Adjustment of brake shoes on two wheels
      Check of a free wheeling of the lever of the pedal parking brake
      Removal and installation of the lever of the pedal parking brake
      Removal and installation of back brake cables
      Detachment of a pedal of a brake from the amplifier of brakes
      Connection of a pedal of a brake with the amplifier of brakes
      Removal, installation and adjustment of the switch of signals of braking
      Anti-blocking system (ABS)
   + Tables
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Brake system>> General information>> Repair of brake pipelines
By means of the device for a razvaltsovka of pipes of VAS 6056 it is possible развальцовывать brake tubes with external diameter of 5 mm, without damaging thus a covering. Thanks to it in certain cases replacement of separate parts of brake pipelines which allows to reduce repair cost is possible.
Work with the device for a razvaltsovka of pipes of V.A.G. 1356 on black brake highways it is not allowed because of their covering and diameter.

Brake pipelines are authorized to be bent no more, than on 90 °, otherwise they can burst or be deformed, so strongly that their section through passage will critically decrease.
The junction of pipelines is better to have under the car bottom.
Connecting unions it is necessary to have so that they did not concern mobile knots and details.
The running screw do not grease, but only clear alcohol.

Fig. 6.19 . Clips of brake tubes

The arrow on the roundish party of clips should indicate to edge of the case, and the direct party of clips should be established to a spindle, the razvaltsovochny head (fig. 6.19) otherwise is incorrectly formed .

Turn off the brake pipeline from the corresponding support or the wheel brake cylinder. Collect and properly utilize following brake liquid.

Fig. 6.20 . The adaptation for pipeline cutting

Cut the pipeline in a suitable place (lack of the bends, convenient access) by means of the adaptation 2 (fig. 6.20) .
Remove the damaged site.
Remove a cover on the pipeline end.

Fig. 6.21 . Compression of a brake tube

Clamp a brake tube in pincers 4 so that about 50 mm acted from plastic tightening sponges (fig. 6.21) .
Establish a nozzle for removal of facing 3 on a drill and insert into a nozzle the pipeline end.
Cut off a cover, slowly rotating a nozzle and easily pressing on a drill.
The length of the smoothed-out end is defined a deep nozzle (cut off against the stop).
Remove a nozzle from the brake pipeline and clear it of shaving.

Fig. 6.22 . Union installation

Take the pipeline from a manual vice and to put on it the union D (fig. 6.22) .

Fig. 6.23 . Pipeline installation in adaptations for a razvaltsovka

Insert the pipeline B against the stop adaptation A for a razvaltsovka (fig. 6.23) .

At an inhaling of screws with internal shestigrannik the brake pipeline should adjoin to an emphasis, otherwise a tube развальцована it will be wrong.

Clamp the pipeline in the adaptation for a razvaltsovka that it could not move freely in it. Cast away an emphasis of A and tighten cross-wise screws with internal shestigrannik by means of a corner of C.

Fig. 6.24 . Vkruchivaniye of the running screw

Twist the running screw against the stop in the adaptation (fig. 6.24) .
Unscrew the running screw in initial situation.
Cross-wise weaken screws with internal shestigrannik.
Take the brake pipeline from the adaptation, clear and check the pipeline and a razvaltsovka.
Wash out the brake pipeline established on the car.
Connect the device for filling and pumping of brake system VAS 5234, to put on for the razvaltsovanny end of the pipeline a capacity hose for pumping and to turn on for short time the device for filling and pumping of brake system VAS 5234 that brake liquid washed away sawdust.
Blow the compressed air the established pipeline.

Fig. 6.25 . Connection with the help of the union

Connect brake pipelines by means of the union E (fig. 6.25) .
Fix pipelines of brake system.
Pump over brake system.

Removal and installation of brake shoes
Mark brake shoes if they are be used repeatedly. They should be established back on the places, differently there will be an unevenness of distribution of brake forces between wheels.
Remove wheels.

Fig. 6.26 . Squeezing of a holding spring

Squeeze holding spring in the arrow A direction while on it it will be possible to press from an opening in the arrow B direction (fig. 6.26) .

Fig. 6.27 . Povorachivaniye of a holding spring

Turn holding spring 1 clockwise while it will be impossible to take it from the top opening (fig. 6.27) .

Fig. 6.28 . Removal of components of a cable of the indicator of wear of brake shoes

Disconnect shtekerny connection of 1 indicator of wear of brake shoes, remove a cap 2 and remove a cable of the indicator of wear of brake shoes (fig. 6.28) .
Take a cable of the indicator of brake shoes from the holder 3 on a brake support.

Fig. 6.29 . Removal of caps

Remove caps (fig. 6.29) .

Fig. 6.30 . Untwisting of directing fingers

Turn off and take both directing fingers from a brake bracket (fig. 6.30) .
Remove a brake support and to strengthen it a wire so that it in the weight did not press on a brake hose and did not damage it.
Take brake shoes.

Do not blow brake system the compressed air. Thus there is an unhealthy dust.

Clear a basic surface of brake shoes in a bracket holder, remove corrosion.
Clear a brake support (remove the glue remains) – the sticky surface should be dry and pure.
For cleaning of a brake support use only alcohol.

Before pressing pistons into the cylinder by means of the special device, it is necessary to pump out brake liquid from a tank. Otherwise in a case долива liquids it can flow out and cause damages.

Fig. 6.31 . Press fitting of pistons

Press pistons by means of the tool T10145 1 (fig. 6.31) .

Internal brake shoes (on the party of pistons) are established for a certain direction of movement therefore it is necessary to put marking on them.

Fig. 6.32 . Brake shoes: 1–the right brake shoe on the piston party; 2–the left brake shoe on the piston party

In the established condition the arrow A on a reverse side of a brake shoe should show down (in the direction of rotation of a brake disk).

Fig. 6.33 . Installation of a brake shoe

Establish a brake shoe with holding springs in the piston (fig. 6.33) .
Remove a protective film from a basic plate of an external brake shoe.

Fig. 6.34 . Installation of an external brake shoe

Establish an external brake shoe of A in a bracket holder (fig. 6.34) .
At installation of a brake support watch that the brake shoe was not pasted to a brake support before achievement of the correct assembly situation.

Fig. 6.35 . Fixing of a brake support

Fix a brake support two directing bolts on a bracket holder (fig. 6.35) .
Establish both caps.
Connect tips of 1 indicator of wear of brake shoes in the holder on the case of the wheel bearing (fig. 6.28) .
Fix a cable of the indicator of wear of brake shoes with a cap 2 on the flowing union the holder 3 on a brake support.
Establish holding spring in the top opening, then turn clockwise (fig. 6.27) .
Establish the bottom holding spring on a bracket holder.
Then press holding spring at first in the direction of an arrow A and then at the same time in an opening of a brake support vnapravleny arrows B (fig. 6.26) .
Establish wheels.

After each replacement of brake shoes several times strongly press a brake pedal. It is necessary in order that brake shoes occupied the working situation.

After replacement of blocks check level of brake liquid.

Inhaling moment
Brake support to a bracket holder: 30 N · m.