VW Touareg repair

- 1. Operation and car maintenance
   + General information
   + Keys and locks of doors, electric steklopodjemnikiya
   + Governing bodies and control devices
   + Management of a microclimate
   + Seats
   + safety Systems
   - Maintenance and driving
      Engine start-up
      Emergency vynimaniye of the ignition key
      Start-up of the petrol engine
      Start-up of the diesel engine
      Stop of the petrol engine
      Access without a key
      Automatic transmission
      Manual gear shifting – «Tiptronic» (selector)
      Mechanical transmission
      Pneumosuspension bracket
      Regulation of rigidity of a suspension bracket
      Parking brake
      Cruise control (GRA)
      Design features of the off-road car
      Blocking of differentials
      Intellectual systems
      Amplifier of a wheel
      Catalytic converter
      Car additional equipment traction coupling device
      Works in a motor compartment
      Accumulator (ы)
      Wheels and tires
      Onboard tool, spare wheel, shinoremontny set, jack
      Wheel replacement
      Safety locks
      The help at engine start-up
      Car towage
   + Tables
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Operation and car maintenance>> Maintenance and driving>> Parking
At a parking follows:
– to stop the car a foot brake;
– it is reliable to tighten the parking brake;
– to include the 1st transfer of a mechanical transmission or to put the selector of an automatic transmission in a position P;
– to switch off ignition and to take out a key from the ignition lock;
– to take with itself all keys to the car.

Additional measures at a parking on a bias
Turn wheels so that they rested against a bordyurny stone if suddenly the car sweeps down.
When the car costs on descent, turn forward wheels to the right, in the direction of a bordyurny stone.
When the car costs on lifting, turn forward wheels to the left, in an opposite direction from the bordyurny.
Brake the car, as usual, reliably having tightened the parking brake and having included the 1st transfer or having put the selector in a position P.