VW Touareg repair

- 1. Operation and car maintenance
   + General information
   + Keys and locks of doors, electric steklopodjemnikiya
   + Governing bodies and control devices
   + Management of a microclimate
   + Seats
   + safety Systems
   - Maintenance and driving
      Engine start-up
      Emergency vynimaniye of the ignition key
      Start-up of the petrol engine
      Start-up of the diesel engine
      Stop of the petrol engine
      Access without a key
      Automatic transmission
      Manual gear shifting – «Tiptronic» (selector)
      Mechanical transmission
      Pneumosuspension bracket
      Regulation of rigidity of a suspension bracket
      Parking brake
      Cruise control (GRA)
      Design features of the off-road car
      Blocking of differentials
      Intellectual systems
      Amplifier of a wheel
      Catalytic converter
      Car additional equipment traction coupling device
      Works in a motor compartment
      Accumulator (ы)
      Wheels and tires
      Onboard tool, spare wheel, shinoremontny set, jack
      Wheel replacement
      Safety locks
      The help at engine start-up
      Car towage
   + Tables
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Operation and car maintenance>> Maintenance and driving>> Intellectual systems
Vacuum amplifier
The vacuum amplifier increases the pressure created by the driver by pressing of a brake pedal. The amplifier acts only at the working engine.
When the vacuum amplifier does not act, for example, at towage of the car or at malfunction of the amplifier, it is necessary to press a brake pedal more strongly, than usually.

Amplifier of emergency braking (BAS)
In a dangerous situation the majority of drivers brake in due time, but not with the greatest possible pressure upon a brake pedal.
Operation of the amplifier of emergency braking: when the driver sharply presses a brake pedal, it is identified by the amplifier as emergency emergence. The amplifier in a short space of time creates the maximum pressure in brake system that as soon as possible and more effectively to install anti-blocking system and to reduce a brake way.
It is not necessary to reduce pressure upon a brake pedal for as soon as the pedal of a brake will be released, the amplifier of emergency braking stops the action.

Anti-blocking system (ABS)
The anti-blocking system (ABS) essentially raises degree of active safety of the car.

The anti-blocking system prevents blocking of wheels when braking.

ABS action
When any wheel when braking the car starts to show tendency to blocking, pressure in the brake mechanism of this wheel decreases. This process can be noticed on some pulsation of the brake pedal, being accompanied a characteristic sound. The driver knows now that wheels are inclined to blocking, and ABS prevents this process. For normal work of ABS it is not necessary to do "pumping-up" movements by a foot – hold a brake pedal of the constantly pressed.
At emergency braking on the slippery road probably complete control on road conditions over car movement as wheels are not blocked remains.
However it is not necessary to hope that ABS at any condition of a paving can reduce a brake way. Or on fresh snow the brake way can even increase by gravels.
Remember that ABS action changes a little, when include the lowered step of transmission of "LOW".

Protivozanosny system ESP
The Protivozanosny system works together with anti-blocking system, protivobuksovochny system and the draft monitoring system.

The Protivozanosny system (system of electronic stabilization – ESP) reduces probability of demolition and car drift.

Action of protivozanosny system
This system reduces probability of demolition or car drift, podtormazhivy separate wheels.
On the basis of data on turn of a wheel and speed the direction in which the driver intends to move is defined, and it is compared with behavior of the car. When demolition or car drift begins, the system automatically brakes a certain wheel.
Then the car comes back to a condition of dynamic stability. At a superfluous povorachivayemost of the car (aspiration to drift of a back part of the car) and at an insufficient povorachivayemost (the aspiration to demolition of a forward part of the car кнаружи turn) is reached complete control over car movement.

Operation of the monitoring system of draft (ASR)
This system prevents pro-slipping of driving wheels at sharp accelerations by decrease in capacity developed by the engine. At all speeds of movement the system works together with ABS. At failure of ABS work and this system is broken also. Thanks to this system under certain conditions there is possible a troganiye from a place, fast dispersal or movement uphill.