VW Touareg repair

- 1. Operation and car maintenance
   + General information
   + Keys and locks of doors, electric steklopodjemnikiya
   + Governing bodies and control devices
   + Management of a microclimate
   + Seats
   + safety Systems
   - Maintenance and driving
      Engine start-up
      Emergency vynimaniye of the ignition key
      Start-up of the petrol engine
      Start-up of the diesel engine
      Stop of the petrol engine
      Access without a key
      Automatic transmission
      Manual gear shifting – «Tiptronic» (selector)
      Mechanical transmission
      Pneumosuspension bracket
      Regulation of rigidity of a suspension bracket
      Parking brake
      Cruise control (GRA)
      Design features of the off-road car
      Blocking of differentials
      Intellectual systems
      Amplifier of a wheel
      Catalytic converter
      Car additional equipment traction coupling device
      Works in a motor compartment
      Accumulator (ы)
      Wheels and tires
      Onboard tool, spare wheel, shinoremontny set, jack
      Wheel replacement
      Safety locks
      The help at engine start-up
      Car towage
   + Tables
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. Running gear
+ 5. Steering mechanism
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. Onboard electric equipment
+ 8. Body
+ electric equipment Schemes

Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg repair>> Operation and car maintenance>> Maintenance and driving>> Wheels and tires
Prevention of damages of rims and tires
Move bordyurny stones and other similar obstacles slowly and whenever possible at right angle.
Protect tires from hit on them of oil, greasings and fuel.
Regularly check tires on absence of damages (punctures, cuts, cracks). Delete alien subjects from a protector.

Storage of tires
Mark the removed tires for this purpose, what at repeated installation on the car to keep the former direction of rotation of the tire.
Store the removed wheels and tires in a cold, dry and dark room.
Put tires vertically if they are not mounted on a disk.

New tires
New tires should «прикататься».
Depending on a design and a protector profile tires of various execution can have a different depth of drawing of new tires and different manufacturers.

Hidden damages
Damages of tires and disks often are not visible. Unusual vibration or maintaining the car aside can indicate defect of the tire. In this case it is necessary to check by all means a condition of tires in the service enterprise Volkswagen.

Tires with the directed drawing of a protector
With the directed drawing of a protector shooters have tires on боковине. It is necessary to provide the specified direction surely at installation of wheels on the car. All advantages of such tires concerning coupling with darling of wear, noise and hydroplaning are thus realized.

Pressure check in tires
Check data on a sticker what pressure in tires should be.

Nominal pressure in tires is given in a sticker at an end face of a door of the driver.

Establish a manometer directly on a dustproof cap, without unscrewing it.
Check pressure always in cold tires. Do not let the air out at an elevated pressure in warm tires.
Coordinate pressure in tires with car loading.

Pressure of air in tires
Existence of nominal pressure in tires is especially important at high-speed movement. Pressure in tires should be checked not less than once a month, and before each long trip.

Hodimost of tires

The Hodimost of tires depends on pressure size in them, style of driving and quality of installation on rims.

Indexes of wear of tires

Fig. 1.132 . Indexes of wear of protectors of the tire

In drawing of a protector there are indexes of wear of tires in height 1,6 mm located across a protector (fig. 1.132) . Such indexes from 6 to 8 are located number equally spaced on a tire racetrack. Marking on боковине tires (for example, «TWI» or pictogram designations) designate a site of indexes of wear. The residual height of drawing of 1,6 mm – measured in a profile flute about the wear index – is minimum for the car admission to operation. It is necessary to replace worn-out tires.
The wrong pressure in tires conducts to the increased wear of tires and even can cause a rupture of the tire. Therefore follows not less often than once a month to check pressure in tires.
High-speed passing of turns, sharp dispersals and braking also increase wear of tires.

Shift of tires

Fig. 1.133 . Scheme of shift of tires

At obviously increased wear of tires of forward wheels it is recommended to trade places forward wheels with back according to the scheme in drawing 1.133 . Thanks to it all tires will have an identical hodimost.

Balancing of wheels
Wheels of the new car are balanced. In use for the various reasons there can be an imbalance of wheels which is shown in violation of smoothness of a course and deterioration of controllability of the car.
At an imbalance wear of a steering, a suspension bracket and tires raises – wheels should be balanced anew. Besides, balancing of a wheel is necessary at tire replacement.

Winter tires
In winter conditions the behavior of the car essentially improves when using winter tires. It belongs and to all-wheel drive cars. Summer tires owing to features of their design (width, protector drawing, composition of rubber) on snow and ice slide.
Use winter tires on all four wheels.
The resolved sizes of winter tires are specified in documentation the car. Apply only radial tires. All sizes of tires transferred in documentation are applicable and to winter tires.
Winter tires substantially lose the properties when depth of drawing of a protector decreases to 4 mm.
For winter tires depending on an index of speed there are following restrictions of speed:
– T – Max. 190 km/h;
– N – Max. 210 km/h.
When using winter tires the V restriction of speed and pressure in tires decide on an index of speed by engine capacity. Learn in the service enterprise Volkswagen size of the most admissible speed and demanded pressure in tires.

Antisliding chains
Chains can be put on only forward wheels and on tires of a certain dimension.
It is necessary to apply only close-meshed chains acting no more than on 15 mm (including zamkovy links).
Before putting on of chains it is necessary to remove full-size caps and decorative rings of disks. Wheel bolts should be protected by special caps.